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Permanento Industrial Bonding Solutions (IBS) is the specialist in supplying standard self adhesive tapes, plastics, foams and films. The standard products can be slit to size, so that they meet customer-specific requirements.

Self-adhesive materials are increasingly being used for various applications in different industries. This is the result of the excellent performance of available materials and laminates and the increased complexity of applications in the current production environment of Permanento Industrial Bonding Solutions.

In manufacturing tapes for the Electronics industry an electrical tape is a requisite. Permanento can offer you this solution and offers efficient solution to increase your productivity. Our range of electrical tapes consists of:

Polyamide and PTFE films
Polyester and Expoxy films
Glass and acetate cloths
Filament glass fiber reinforced tapes
Paper and vinyl tapes
Pressure sensitive acrylic and silicone tapes
Pressure sensitive rubber and thermosetting adhesives

Finding a good balance between electrical and mechanical properties and combining good handling characteristics is a must when choosing an electrical tape.
The electrical tapes are primarily applied in:

Bobbin-wound coils
Transformer windings
Motor windings
Insulated copper screens
Wire harnesses

After consultation with the customer we propose ways to improve the production process, enhance quality and reduce total costs. Permanento products are supplied in slit rolls, sheets and die-cut shapes to simplify your process..

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