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3M™ 301E - 36mm x 50m

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3M™ 301E - 36mm x 50m
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3M Performance Masking Tape 301E is a chamois coloured, latex saturated crepe paper coated with a rubber resin adhesive.

  • A balanced product where its temperature performance allows air drying and oven curing of paint systems up to a maximum of 100°C for 1 hour with clean and easy removal.
  • Suitable for Infrared / UV curing.
  • Good solvent and moisture resistance.
  • Crepe paper backing for conformability that will maintain integrity when formed around corners.
  • Backing saturated for easy tear – resists slivering yet hand tearable.
  • Rubber adhesive with instant adhesion.
  • Good holding power that resists lifting or curling and helps reduce rework.
  • Special backsize treatment controls unwind and helps reduce waste.
  • Designed for indoor use only. Tape should not be subjected to outdoor exposure or prolonged periods of sunlight as product may become very difficult to remove.


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